Trying to get to know and live with the new me..
given up looking for some of the old OMPHHH!

Saturday, 31 January 2009

Go west, SW3

We took the tube to Sloane Square .We turned right and right again.
We were heading for V V Rouleaux ,but were stopped in our tracks when we passed
Basia Zarzycka.

What a fabulous window display its so beautiful . l took lots of pictures , but was disapointed with most as l had reflections ect.So here are the second take, A bit better taken later in the dark.The dress is made of leaves and the more you look the more you see.l love the little lady bird..There was so much sparkle ! in the window and when we went into the shop neither of us new where to look first, it was like an Aladdins cave..

l hope the pictures are in the right place! this is my first blog and its all a bit technical for me!
tho l have a technical wiz to the left of me at the mo! probably will have to wait untill her return from uni next week to help with the new post!

Well its getting late,l wished time would go backwards like the Vivienne Westwood clock!further down the Kings Road..But more about this day out another day..Byeeee

Tuesday, 20 January 2009