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Monday, 31 January 2011

Save our Forests..

l have just been at Lesley has posted about the whats happening at Parliment on Wednesday....l have copied her link as l feel its  REALLY important that as many people who can ,sign this petition......

Save our Forests
Hi everyone, please read an excerpt below from a message sent by the Save Our Forests campaign which arrived today:
This Wednesday there is a crunch vote in Parliament. MPs will vote on a motion demanding a rethink of plans to sell our national forests. The fact this vote is happening shows that MPs have noticed our campaign.
Right now, the petition is nearly 330,000 strong, and every name counts. So we’re setting a bold new target of half a million people by 5pm on Tuesday in time for Wednesday’s hugely important vote.
 Thankyou to lesley for making me aware of what will be happening....l hope this is helpful to you as well...

May the best house win!

l feel driven to blog..this afternoon l fell into the trap of afternoon television....a slippery slope to go down l know.. but l had a late lunch was sitting AGAIN on the settee the remote was there and HEY! you now what happens  one click and your hooked!!l always think it sounds better to say l was blog surfing and catching up on the computer then laying all day watching television...but WOW!!!!! am l so pleased l clicked on!!
l watched  MAY THE BEST HOUSE WIN.....

l admit l did succumb one day last week and was amazed with a man who lives in a house surrounded by  garden gnomes.....well it made me smile...but l didn't stay to see the rest of the houses as they were so unkind about his house l didn't want to see there's...
 Today l was hooked.........
  four artists living in Cornwall...( my favourite place )
Ian  who lived in a place called Glen rock cottage...a converted cafe which had originally been a train station..his house was quirky and arty it alsohad a model train line in the garden..quite lovely..

Norma Mulanif ( not sure if that is spelt correct but that's how it sounded) a children's book illustrator her husband writes the books) she lives in a PINK Wesleyan chapel...
 AMAZING!there wasn't an inch of space not filled with beautiful loveliness of the vintage, shabby,kitch,colourful,sparkly,chintzy, fairyish ,Gnomey ,girly  bits and pieces that we would all love to own...very different ..( lm going to have to google her) she looked and dressed like a quirky Viviene would certainly notice her if she lived in your area!.wonderful outfits and style..l would say, like the next house owner  commented that l wouldn't like the dusting ...but l don't at the moment! it makes no difference really if you have a minimalist house or a cluttered one all gets covered in dust!
Theresa Stag...her husband plays in a jazz band ,they had all turned up and played in the in the living room ..they were brilliant..her house was more orderly/easy to clean but nice..she said she had two girls there was art work on her walls but they didn't make much about l will also google her..
THE last to be visited was a Mark Gibbons his  art work on the walls BRILLIANT!
 a loved a painting of Portreath .His house was just so WONDERFUL!he has a love of wood and all things natural..he keeps bee's and a beautiful garden . and what a lovely larder..he has an aversion to Gnomes! he said that the pink Chapel made him feel like he had fallen down the rabbit hole in Alice in wonderland! completely bonkers and barking mad! and had she ever been near an asylum!! on his comment card he wrote that there were NO BRAKES APPLIED to her house! they were a really nice group of people and I'm so pleased l was able to be nosey!!!
l don't know there surname of the Ian the first house visited..l wasn't taking much notice..but when the PINK chapel entered stage left l was there!
sorry no pictures....l hope its repeated ...then you can all share in the loveliness.....
 so about daytime TV...l must say now don't knock it till you have tried it!

My blog surfing took me to a really lovely blog...after following her links to  Tesco's l reclaimed £28 pounds worth of club points that l hadn't cashed in or had been misplaced....RESULT!
      thanks for popping in....x

Saturday, 15 January 2011

window shopping

Its seems like ages ago BUT on the 3rd January l WENT OUT....
l gladly went to John lewis Oxford take back the broken ipod..
who wouldn't volunteer??an afternoon ALONE at the shops...
l thought ,do what you can with what energy you have, so decided that once out of the tube station l would pop into Liberty..well you would wouldn't you?
l had the camera but not a scrap of paper and pen. so wasn't able to write down who produced these
beautiful trays....BUT now l can...they are produced by ibride found here
sorry for the light flash on some of them ...
l think they are great.....................
l finally downloaded my pictures today and it was like seeing them for the first time..
ps can anyone help?how can l post up to 12 pictures in mosaic form..
l have picassa on my computer..and l am able to collage but not how l want!

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