Trying to get to know and live with the new me..
given up looking for some of the old OMPHHH!

Monday, 5 September 2011

is there anyone there!

Hi...its me...
 lve  been silent for ages .l had an accident with a cup of tea and the builders computer! they dont mix well! so the computer and l have not been hanging out together, l had to leave it in a repair shop in Spain to await my return day...
Today lm laying in bed with a guest computer,it turned up at the weekend which was lovely suprise,l do hope it will stay for a long while along with the son it belongs to ...... and that way l can read all my fav blogs and feel part of the blogging world again..At least be part of something...some sort of world...
 lm spending LOTS of time in bed or on the sofa..the list of diagnoses growing with each trip to the Hospital!! l feel like a brownie or girl guide earning badges for her uniform each time they say you have****all these years when they didnt know what was the problem and l didnt have a defining label other thanME/CFS Endometrisis and Fowlers syndrome  ( they did say l had MS for three years then they decided that l didnt have that , luckily, No bad thing) Now l have labels coming out my ears!! Hashimotos Thyroiditis...Lupus SLE....Sjogrens Syndrome ...Hughes Sydrome,and fibromyalgia oh and l forget the trigger fingers and thumbs!...all settling in to my body ,or taking it over with out  bouncer or policeman or Army at my door to say settle down or sling your hook! l am not able to tollerate any medicines to halt the progression of anything or treat  pain.Which is a bit of a bummer.l havent had any Thyroid meds for a year next month which is no fun,as my levels deplete, BUT sooo much better than taking them, as they made me worse..The ME/CFS sort of tirdeness, of days gone by seems a world away from this Lupus stuff, which is in a different leagueSort of upping the anti..        L used to pace myself on a daily basis ( did the pain clinic thing got the badge years a go) now l have to start pacing the week before a trip out and expect a week in bed after the event!!lm laying here today as l WENT OUT on Saturday evening..what a brazen hussy!l went to my daughters engagement Party.. (lovely night just floored since )
  Sorry just having a pissed off Monday morning...grey out side ..NO bad thing as l cant go in the sunshine anymore! l just feel that as soon as l push a new door, craft wise something comes a long and says No you cant do that!so l start something new and then bang again a big NO NO..If l had a brain l would be dangerous! If l were a horse they would have shot me by now....! or maybe thats why l have trigger fingers!!  SOMEONE trying to tell me something??

Sunday, 20 March 2011

BOGOF ....

Well l went  to the Louise Coote Lupus Centre at St Thomas's Hospital London  to find out whether they thought l had Lupus and ended up coming home with Lupus and Sjogern's Syndrome which was a bit of a shock.. l always  go shopping for something and come back with more than l went for!
l expected my first appointment to bring blood tests talk and examination ...but l was in at 9.30am out at 11am with two new labels for my suitcase of medical notes...A Lovely consultant ,kind ,caring ,sympathetic ,so knowledgeable where has he been all these years! ..l wished he specialized in Endocrine disorders as well..l have blogged about this on the other one! but l thought l would up date the world and all who read here that l now have ANOTHER COUPLE of reasons for feeling like .....t! or crap to be more polite!
      l will get my head around this and l will be back xx
if l were that on the ball l would surround this post with beautiful butterflys the symbol of both Thyroid and Lupus illness but lm in bed feel  ...t! and l couldn't be bothered even if l could scan cut paste and create wonderful blog posts like menopausalmusings...l do so love her blog posts !

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Jelly belly babies..AND the Circus!.

Last week we went to  see that big circus that has moved into the Royal Albert Hall...
Cirque Soleil "Totem"

On the way there the builder took me Via Marble Arch to get a sugar fix of Jelly babies!!
 there so yummy!!! sorry the picture as usual doesn't do them or the wonderful colours justice!we had seen them on the television the evening before ..they are part of a sculpture month in London...l took the picture on the way home ( two fixes in one day!) as at 6.30pm getting out of the car at the sugar spot was a NO NO! but at 11.30pm the builder dropped me off, did a couple of laps of the Arch and then Picked me up! haven't been picked up in AGES!  we headed off down Park Lane ( get me off of that sofa and the sky's the limit!) to see another sculpture of a Fiat 500 with a large hand holding it. inspired by the sculptors son holding a toy car. there was No chance of a picture here.( dont know either artists name  l will google soon)
 The  "Totem"  acts were great ...
Some new treats to delight..And Some old tricks made so much more interesting with luminous fabrics
and props....l OOooOHD and ARrrrHd  throughout the whole show and ended up with a nervous tic!
  l nodded off  , (when the a man  on rollerskates began swinging his partner around with the rope around her neck,  like you do! ),just for a little while!  well  it was warm and dark and l had been on a 1hr car journey in the rush hour and l had walked from the car park! and l had got off of the SOFA at 3pm pre shower) the builder gave me a liitle push and that power nap had just fixed me fine!
When those petite little ladies on VERY high unicycles started throwing the pile of bowls from the top of each of their heads to one and another we GASPED! so perfectly timed so well  rehearsed SO CLEVER!  but how many people in the audience reeeeally wanted one to just pop off her bike!? NOT ME!
The best thing for me was the special effects ,projected on to the circular stage ..all different kinds of water from waves lapping on to the beach..trickling rivers, meandering streams,mud filled banks,and pools of Sharks and koi Carp, and the best thing EVER was the men swimming under the sea ( effect )  when they made it to the edge of the stage (at different points) and then REAL men popped up in the exact spot as the other  (effect )men had disapeared ( bare with me here l was in AWE...)

There are NO pictures allowed ....but as we stayed  in our seats untill everyone else had gone, the doorman said l could take one of the now empty ,magical stage...( easily pleased me!)
The circus and jelly babies  for the girl who can't eat sweets ...a perfect night .The down side is l went on Wednesday evening and didn't get up untill Saturday afternoon...!!
Ah life in the fast lane ... Park Lane...not mundane ...just for a change..

ps l got these blog spots yesterday...l have tried to remove the html....but there still here !any ideas?

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Monday, 31 January 2011

Save our Forests..

l have just been at Lesley has posted about the whats happening at Parliment on Wednesday....l have copied her link as l feel its  REALLY important that as many people who can ,sign this petition......

Save our Forests
Hi everyone, please read an excerpt below from a message sent by the Save Our Forests campaign which arrived today:
This Wednesday there is a crunch vote in Parliament. MPs will vote on a motion demanding a rethink of plans to sell our national forests. The fact this vote is happening shows that MPs have noticed our campaign.
Right now, the petition is nearly 330,000 strong, and every name counts. So we’re setting a bold new target of half a million people by 5pm on Tuesday in time for Wednesday’s hugely important vote.
 Thankyou to lesley for making me aware of what will be happening....l hope this is helpful to you as well...

May the best house win!

l feel driven to blog..this afternoon l fell into the trap of afternoon television....a slippery slope to go down l know.. but l had a late lunch was sitting AGAIN on the settee the remote was there and HEY! you now what happens  one click and your hooked!!l always think it sounds better to say l was blog surfing and catching up on the computer then laying all day watching television...but WOW!!!!! am l so pleased l clicked on!!
l watched  MAY THE BEST HOUSE WIN.....

l admit l did succumb one day last week and was amazed with a man who lives in a house surrounded by  garden gnomes.....well it made me smile...but l didn't stay to see the rest of the houses as they were so unkind about his house l didn't want to see there's...
 Today l was hooked.........
  four artists living in Cornwall...( my favourite place )
Ian  who lived in a place called Glen rock cottage...a converted cafe which had originally been a train station..his house was quirky and arty it alsohad a model train line in the garden..quite lovely..

Norma Mulanif ( not sure if that is spelt correct but that's how it sounded) a children's book illustrator her husband writes the books) she lives in a PINK Wesleyan chapel...
 AMAZING!there wasn't an inch of space not filled with beautiful loveliness of the vintage, shabby,kitch,colourful,sparkly,chintzy, fairyish ,Gnomey ,girly  bits and pieces that we would all love to own...very different ..( lm going to have to google her) she looked and dressed like a quirky Viviene would certainly notice her if she lived in your area!.wonderful outfits and style..l would say, like the next house owner  commented that l wouldn't like the dusting ...but l don't at the moment! it makes no difference really if you have a minimalist house or a cluttered one all gets covered in dust!
Theresa Stag...her husband plays in a jazz band ,they had all turned up and played in the in the living room ..they were brilliant..her house was more orderly/easy to clean but nice..she said she had two girls there was art work on her walls but they didn't make much about l will also google her..
THE last to be visited was a Mark Gibbons his  art work on the walls BRILLIANT!
 a loved a painting of Portreath .His house was just so WONDERFUL!he has a love of wood and all things natural..he keeps bee's and a beautiful garden . and what a lovely larder..he has an aversion to Gnomes! he said that the pink Chapel made him feel like he had fallen down the rabbit hole in Alice in wonderland! completely bonkers and barking mad! and had she ever been near an asylum!! on his comment card he wrote that there were NO BRAKES APPLIED to her house! they were a really nice group of people and I'm so pleased l was able to be nosey!!!
l don't know there surname of the Ian the first house visited..l wasn't taking much notice..but when the PINK chapel entered stage left l was there!
sorry no pictures....l hope its repeated ...then you can all share in the loveliness.....
 so about daytime TV...l must say now don't knock it till you have tried it!

My blog surfing took me to a really lovely blog...after following her links to  Tesco's l reclaimed £28 pounds worth of club points that l hadn't cashed in or had been misplaced....RESULT!
      thanks for popping in....x