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Monday, 5 September 2011

is there anyone there!

Hi...its me...
 lve  been silent for ages .l had an accident with a cup of tea and the builders computer! they dont mix well! so the computer and l have not been hanging out together, l had to leave it in a repair shop in Spain to await my return day...
Today lm laying in bed with a guest computer,it turned up at the weekend which was lovely suprise,l do hope it will stay for a long while along with the son it belongs to ...... and that way l can read all my fav blogs and feel part of the blogging world again..At least be part of something...some sort of world...
 lm spending LOTS of time in bed or on the sofa..the list of diagnoses growing with each trip to the Hospital!! l feel like a brownie or girl guide earning badges for her uniform each time they say you have****all these years when they didnt know what was the problem and l didnt have a defining label other thanME/CFS Endometrisis and Fowlers syndrome  ( they did say l had MS for three years then they decided that l didnt have that , luckily, No bad thing) Now l have labels coming out my ears!! Hashimotos Thyroiditis...Lupus SLE....Sjogrens Syndrome ...Hughes Sydrome,and fibromyalgia oh and l forget the trigger fingers and thumbs!...all settling in to my body ,or taking it over with out  bouncer or policeman or Army at my door to say settle down or sling your hook! l am not able to tollerate any medicines to halt the progression of anything or treat  pain.Which is a bit of a bummer.l havent had any Thyroid meds for a year next month which is no fun,as my levels deplete, BUT sooo much better than taking them, as they made me worse..The ME/CFS sort of tirdeness, of days gone by seems a world away from this Lupus stuff, which is in a different leagueSort of upping the anti..        L used to pace myself on a daily basis ( did the pain clinic thing got the badge years a go) now l have to start pacing the week before a trip out and expect a week in bed after the event!!lm laying here today as l WENT OUT on Saturday evening..what a brazen hussy!l went to my daughters engagement Party.. (lovely night just floored since )
  Sorry just having a pissed off Monday morning...grey out side ..NO bad thing as l cant go in the sunshine anymore! l just feel that as soon as l push a new door, craft wise something comes a long and says No you cant do that!so l start something new and then bang again a big NO NO..If l had a brain l would be dangerous! If l were a horse they would have shot me by now....! or maybe thats why l have trigger fingers!!  SOMEONE trying to tell me something??


  1. Hello Donna
    Nice to know that you have access to a computer and also that you were able to attend your daughter's engagement party - shame about the after effects though. Hope you feel a bit brighter soon. Lesley

  2. So sorry to hear things are no better on the healthy front. Re tea and computers: I have also learn't from experience that they don't mix with tea!!!!! Thank you for the lovely comment re the embroidery I am working on a the moment. Chin up!


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