Trying to get to know and live with the new me..
given up looking for some of the old OMPHHH!

Thursday, 12 February 2009

in the post

These leaflets came in the post this morning

From a bank trying to give me some money!

they just told me what l needed to do.

A big sigh of relief...

Get some room to Breathe...

l don't want my blog to be a diary on how l

am feeling from one day to the next.

There are enough websites totally dedicated to

sharing medical problems and advice.

l wanted a place to go and be and do something

different for a while, when l could.But this last week

l got caught up in how much do you put in about yourself?

so l ended up not writing anything!

as l hadn't been out for a week l thought

l didn't have anything to say...

l've been reading blogs for about a year

now and have so enjoyed reading , discovering

and learning about new's like reading

the best magazine you could buy ,a mix of craft ,

inspiration,colour and life without all the celeb bits..

so when l got the leaflets this morning l thought yes

breathe ,sigh and go for it!

A friend visited me this week..she gave me a lovely gift..

l am on a very restricted diet and she said as l couldn't have

sweets or chocolate and a lot more besides this was the nearest

to sweets she could bring!! Buttons are so much better for you!

aren't they beautiful!

l sat playing with them for ages!OK too much time on my hands!

there are some black ones as well but they didn't photograph well

they came out brown every time!

l have also been playing with fabric and have partly finished a picture!
for quite some time l have been in a fog /mist my brain not functioning ,
along with my hands and other bits,so l had lots of ideas but
not been able to get my head around it ,and make anything .
Everything was out on the table and l would fiddle as l passed
BUT this Tuesday the fog lifted!


Not ,might l add on the pile of ironing and the other to do stuff!! l had a whole day of doing what l wanted because l could! and as l don't work you might find that to hard to understand! all the time in the world! a lot of working people would love this time at home,but if your not functioning properly the novelty wears off ,Quickly!l love the work found at and ,applique,stitching and using printed fabric and vintage finds l have been fiddling.
l am waiting for my copy of Cloth paper and scissors ..hens teeth has an article in there,l managed to order a copy without taking out a subscription . l'm hoping for more ideas and tips ..l used Lazertran this week ,but l'm not sure if this is the best you can use,l can print onto any fabric with it...oh for someone who didn't have much to say l sure said a lot..
l cant wait for another clear day!