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given up looking for some of the old OMPHHH!

Monday, 11 May 2009

Loba the lodger..

On Friday evening there was a brilliant full moon..we sat watching the sky
change colour.The evening was the first, since we arrived ,where we we able
sit out and enjoy the balmy evening weather, listening to the sounds of the night ,l love it

We are across the valley from the Goat farm and can hear the bells jingling as
the goats move about in the distance..Loba and friends work the goats with
Juan their owner .Loba has been a regular visitor to our building site since
our first visit.She was in love with Jasper our Dalmatian(Jasper went to sleep
in December,l still can't talk about that)and would arrive each evening after
a full days work ,for her dinner, bed and board!l wont go in to detail but they
don't have the same regard or feelings for their animals here.Its something
l really struggle with...
Anyway when we arrived here we noted that Loba was AGAIN pregnant ( we have offered to take her to the vet, but they all say its unnatural and you shouldn't play with nature)..
So to cut to the chase.. Loba still comes for dinner ( she knows where her bread is buttered,very clever is this one)she is never here when we wake up as she leaves for her early shift!

BUT on Saturday morning she hadn't clocked in for her shift ,she was having a lay in!
with these little sweeties! there are six of them ....

She is a brilliant mum..we forgot to tell our neighbors she'd had her puppies
(they are cousins of Juan the goat man) we wanted to give her as much time with her babies..
(In the past , she had a litter of puppies also on our plot,we were in England so were not able to help her.The puppies were there in the morning when a friend, who waters our plants, visited.He returned to feed her again later ,and the puppies had gone ...sorry).

Well its now Monday evening.Our neighbors came this evening to ask if we had seen Loba..
We said yes she is under the caravan with her babies!
and please could they tell Juan she is OK there for as long as she wants to stay!( or as long as he leaves her there!)The neighbors said the puppies were fat! l said to the builder "funny that! a puppy thrives when the mother is well fed" and the mother looks really well to! l dont think l need to leave the plot this week l have enough shopping and stuff ,so l shall have to stay around!
l'm becoming really good at catching ticks off of Loba..bloody horrible little things ...