Trying to get to know and live with the new me..
given up looking for some of the old OMPHHH!

Monday, 27 April 2009


Look who had moved in...
these little chicks are in the BBQ...

And all of these nests have busy parents flying in and out all the day feeding some noisy chicks..
There is so much going on so l'm pleased to be able to have a chance to catch up.l'm going to pop by my fav blogs now...Buenas noches!


Hola! we made it! we're here,after following the snow ploughs through Madrid on Good Friday we stopped over at Jaen on Friday night ..

Ater an early start on Saturday we arrived at lunchtime...Alora Malaga province Andalucia.
l've not been here since December though the computer popped out in March for a week..
so l was so pleased to be Green and lush much rain has fallen..
the computer is taking ages to up load so l'm going to have to do this in stages..
also l'm not sure how to alter my key board to get the correct speech marks and spelling SORRY!