Trying to get to know and live with the new me..
given up looking for some of the old OMPHHH!

Friday, 1 May 2009

Biker birds

Just as one family of Barbi birds move out ,a new lot of biker birds move in.

l Don't now how rough they are ,l cant see any tattoos! but l can hear them

twittering ,No loud heavy music! which is a result.There's been a lot of action

going on, in and out of the horse box.They have managed to nest in between

the fabric and the polystyrene lining.Very cosy! l will be watching for chicks..

the horse box

haven't got horses ,definatley not horsey!more gypsyish as home at the mo

is two small caravans.So those who thought l was living the high life in

some white villa WRONG!just towed the horse boxes from London to Malaga

with tools and building materials.( and my sewing machine which still hasn't

seen the sun yet!)though l have managed to read all my sew hip magazines!

back to the birds.....

Se Aquiler /Se Vende'

so this BBQ nest is for rent or sale now! l posted pictures of the chicks before but l didn't want to disturb those babes just for a picture of their bed!l think it could do with some clean sheets and a bit of blow through...These dancing chicks live down the hill..they were having a dance on the table.

We had the Bank holiday here today.
Strange to have a holiday on the correct date May 1st rather than the
closest Monday to it! everything closes here even the DIY stores.
have a lovely bank holiday weekend hope the weather is good..