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given up looking for some of the old OMPHHH!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

BOGOF ....

Well l went  to the Louise Coote Lupus Centre at St Thomas's Hospital London  to find out whether they thought l had Lupus and ended up coming home with Lupus and Sjogern's Syndrome which was a bit of a shock.. l always  go shopping for something and come back with more than l went for!
l expected my first appointment to bring blood tests talk and examination ...but l was in at 9.30am out at 11am with two new labels for my suitcase of medical notes...A Lovely consultant ,kind ,caring ,sympathetic ,so knowledgeable where has he been all these years! ..l wished he specialized in Endocrine disorders as well..l have blogged about this on the other one! but l thought l would up date the world and all who read here that l now have ANOTHER COUPLE of reasons for feeling like .....t! or crap to be more polite!
      l will get my head around this and l will be back xx
if l were that on the ball l would surround this post with beautiful butterflys the symbol of both Thyroid and Lupus illness but lm in bed feel  ...t! and l couldn't be bothered even if l could scan cut paste and create wonderful blog posts like menopausalmusings...l do so love her blog posts !