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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Jelly belly babies..AND the Circus!.

Last week we went to  see that big circus that has moved into the Royal Albert Hall...
Cirque Soleil "Totem"

On the way there the builder took me Via Marble Arch to get a sugar fix of Jelly babies!!
 there so yummy!!! sorry the picture as usual doesn't do them or the wonderful colours justice!we had seen them on the television the evening before ..they are part of a sculpture month in London...l took the picture on the way home ( two fixes in one day!) as at 6.30pm getting out of the car at the sugar spot was a NO NO! but at 11.30pm the builder dropped me off, did a couple of laps of the Arch and then Picked me up! haven't been picked up in AGES!  we headed off down Park Lane ( get me off of that sofa and the sky's the limit!) to see another sculpture of a Fiat 500 with a large hand holding it. inspired by the sculptors son holding a toy car. there was No chance of a picture here.( dont know either artists name  l will google soon)
 The  "Totem"  acts were great ...
Some new treats to delight..And Some old tricks made so much more interesting with luminous fabrics
and props....l OOooOHD and ARrrrHd  throughout the whole show and ended up with a nervous tic!
  l nodded off  , (when the a man  on rollerskates began swinging his partner around with the rope around her neck,  like you do! ),just for a little while!  well  it was warm and dark and l had been on a 1hr car journey in the rush hour and l had walked from the car park! and l had got off of the SOFA at 3pm pre shower) the builder gave me a liitle push and that power nap had just fixed me fine!
When those petite little ladies on VERY high unicycles started throwing the pile of bowls from the top of each of their heads to one and another we GASPED! so perfectly timed so well  rehearsed SO CLEVER!  but how many people in the audience reeeeally wanted one to just pop off her bike!? NOT ME!
The best thing for me was the special effects ,projected on to the circular stage ..all different kinds of water from waves lapping on to the beach..trickling rivers, meandering streams,mud filled banks,and pools of Sharks and koi Carp, and the best thing EVER was the men swimming under the sea ( effect )  when they made it to the edge of the stage (at different points) and then REAL men popped up in the exact spot as the other  (effect )men had disapeared ( bare with me here l was in AWE...)

There are NO pictures allowed ....but as we stayed  in our seats untill everyone else had gone, the doorman said l could take one of the now empty ,magical stage...( easily pleased me!)
The circus and jelly babies  for the girl who can't eat sweets ...a perfect night .The down side is l went on Wednesday evening and didn't get up untill Saturday afternoon...!!
Ah life in the fast lane ... Park Lane...not mundane ...just for a change..

ps l got these blog spots yesterday...l have tried to remove the html....but there still here !any ideas?

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