Trying to get to know and live with the new me..
given up looking for some of the old OMPHHH!

Friday, 27 February 2009

Gone away

The computer and the camera have gone away for a ten day break to sunnier climes ..
on a mission to pastures new to check out a few things,Exciting.. can't say more ...
except l'm stuck with the old prone to crash PC, tempermental ( no not spelt wrongly)
un user friendly..l had a great day out today (more tomorrow)l borrowed my technical helpers camera , technical help might return at the weekend with the come and go laptop, we might even post a post!..but yesterday was a different story..l went to the excel exhibition centre for a mooch about at the stitch and creative craft show. so little to many unrelated to craft stalls , a real disappointment . l went some years ago and it had changed so much..l went for the afternoon/eve as it was closing late at 7.30pm..well at 4.00pm l rang and said Please come and get me!!
lt wouldn't normally be hard to find something interesting to do or see..but as l did another lap of the stalls l felt l was on first name terms with the exhibitors!these things are usually mad packed with people and you can't get near a stall.. business was not good..l had gone hoping to find out more about applying pictures to fabric and other stuff..No joy there! ha huh l spoke to the rep from the embroidery guild she was helpful and said where l could order it from! where, it turned out, l ordered cloth paper scissors from the other week! what a small world..