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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Easter parade

Unfortunately we didn't make it to Alora for the service or parade

on Good Friday,but made it into town for Easter Sunday.

The service, probably not what some church goers would expect,

it was like being in Victoria Station on a Monday morning!

People were in and out of the three large doors,mums dropping band members off,band members practicing their tunes and warming up.A group of small children running after a dog who peed up a pew!groups hanging around at the back having a chat...the owner of the computer went for a coffee

as we were half an hour early for the service.

l said hurry up as you don't walk in if the service

has already started ..(ha ha)

After the service the band struck up..

The sound came up through my feet and filled

my body it was so moving...the boys lifted the

really heavy statue and proceeded

to carry it around the town ..stopping for short breaks.

MUCH needed as Alora is on two hills

and has many small sharp turnings in the roads..

the priest rings a bell to stop and start the procession.

the silver base was very ornate and heavier than the statue..the flowers smelt beautiful.

The balconies had banners and posters hanging on them...

On Monday ,not a bank holiday here ,we went to the airport to pickup

my daughter and sister who fancied a bit of sunshine! some hope!

the weather in London was apparently so much better!

We went on to the coast for the afternoon and watched two sand artists

tidy up their sculpture..

the rain had washed away some detail so they were using brushes

and tools to return them to their former glory

l hope you all had a Happy peaceful Easter...