Trying to get to know and live with the new me..
given up looking for some of the old OMPHHH!

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Just a note..

Hola! as you might have noticed l
have added a stat counter to the left..
People are popping by from all over the world!
l'm intrigued!please can l ask?
could you leave a comment ,just "hello" would do,then l could take a look at your blog..
Thanks to
for blogging about this as l would never have known about this clever tool!
thank you to all who pop by.x

These smiley babes are LULU and LILY they live down the hill along with the dancing Chicks..
They visit me each day to eat the weeds and stuff around the plot! they eat anything! l'm gradually loosing the plot! they come when you call and are really friendly just like little puppies
,they are only 7months old and were raised by bottle as their mum had to many baby's and not enough teats! they love their tummys tickled...
Pigs are having a bit of bad press at the mo...
but have you read the article on swine flu at interesting....
Got to go now someones calling for a cup of tea!!x