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Monday, 31 January 2011

Save our Forests..

l have just been at Lesley has posted about the whats happening at Parliment on Wednesday....l have copied her link as l feel its  REALLY important that as many people who can ,sign this petition......

Save our Forests
Hi everyone, please read an excerpt below from a message sent by the Save Our Forests campaign which arrived today:
This Wednesday there is a crunch vote in Parliament. MPs will vote on a motion demanding a rethink of plans to sell our national forests. The fact this vote is happening shows that MPs have noticed our campaign.
Right now, the petition is nearly 330,000 strong, and every name counts. So we’re setting a bold new target of half a million people by 5pm on Tuesday in time for Wednesday’s hugely important vote.
 Thankyou to lesley for making me aware of what will be happening....l hope this is helpful to you as well...

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