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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Rib bit

How lovely was today! has spring sprung? there are flowers in the garden ,so colour when l look out from the window.

The computer and the camera have returned from sunnier climes!though looking at the photos of their travels l believe the weather has been on par with ours!there seemed to be a lot of muddy pictures and it was very grey and wet!but as the photographer told me "they need the rain"they have been in drought for four years..
l hope we don't get a frost because look what was in my pond this morning! All these tadpoles. l spent much of the afternoon watching the frogs enjoying themselves!l sat for ages quietly waiting for the perfect shot of the frolicking frogs! they were so aware of me being there, even the Len's zooming in and out frightened them off !

l will have to perfect my skills .lt was so frustrating to think l had a good shot BUT when l downloaded the pictures they had reflections and cloudiness

there were, at one time, thirteen frogs in and around this one!l hope to see more tadpoles in the morning!
Just getting in the swing AGAIN of posting..its taken me ages to download these pictures..just when l thought l was there, l lost the lot!and l am still not sure if the layout will be the same as when l previewed it! fingers crossed......

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