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Saturday, 11 September 2010

New camera

My sister came to visit last week which was great! and even greater was she brought me out a NEW CAMERA! l have been mucking about with it and having a read...
 SO l will be able to blog with pictures again soon.....
l am still in Spain,,the weather is still lovely and much cooler...
l am not feeling great but it is lovely to have the blue sky and sun on your back
better than the weather they are having back home in London...
As a family we haven't ever gone in for competitions on the TV or magazines, ..we would never win! and l couldn't win an argument! BUT last week my daughter felt compelled
to ring in to a radio station whilst waiting in her car, for her boyfriend at the train station..(bored!).
AND she got through .AND they chose her line 9.AND she guessed the correct title of the music..
AND SHE WON!!!!!!!!! A HOLIDAY TO BARBADOS!! it was amazing...
all she kept telling me when she phoned was that she had spoken to a spice girl!(she loved them when she was little!) Emma Bunton (baby spice) was presenting the show...l am so pleased for her, she finished her Uni course and graduated in July and has worked all summer to get some money behind her ,as she started her new PGCE course last , as the holiday is for a family of four, can she and her brother become children again!? making me  the responsible PARENT!!and able to take them with ME to Barbados!! ha ha!
SO our new philosophy is you've got to be in it to win it!! so try!


  1. oh my goodness. I hope you can go all four of you.

  2. Great news! Lovely for your girl to win such a wonderful prize. Looking forward to lots of pics now, Donna. Best wishes, Lesley

  3. Wow! Enjoy both your camera and your holiday! Lovely to hear from you and to know you are alright................


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