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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Maternity leave over.

Here she is back..panic over!
We woke this morning to find that Loba had GONE!
The puppies were making a lot of noise and wriggling together for warmth and comfort..
we waited....Had she abandoned them for good?how would we feed them?the builder had been online for information!and was going into town for bottles etc...

I've only ever had weaned puppies at six weeks and over so NOT A CLUE!
So all the worse case scenarios were flashing through my mind..

But we need not have worried and trusted her "Mum always knows best"..
She returned some three hours after we were up ,ate her brunch and then dived
under the caravan , cleaned them and then proceeded to feed them..
She had clocked on for the early shift very loyal to her employer. Obviously one of the new mum breed ,who goes back to work as soon as had them!she didn't eat as much yesterday (watching her waist?) and let us tick hunt around her for over an hour( watching out for her looks?) .......interuption ..Loba at the door wanting food! ah! she is a normal mum ,no will power starts the healthy eating plan and then Oops ( just like myself!)
Whilst Loba was eating l HAD to comfort Pipaluck the pure white one (far left on the picture)l call her/him that as the pup reminded me of a little Polar Bear they named on Blue Peter ( l am a blue Peter girl!) years ago ,funny how things come back to you. l stroked with my finger which stopped the noise!the fur so soft and smooth..some of the others l think will be long haired as they look like they have ripples in their coats! they sure are getting noisy!

These pictures were the best from a bad bunch! l saw a large butterfly on a flower and followed it trying to get the perfect shot!!lt was a really large one half the size of my hand with a beautiful blue pattern on...still looking for the name!

Any way they reminded me of how the weeks are fluttering by.....


  1. Lucky, lucky you to see such a gorgeous butterfly - it's a Swallowtail (just looked it up in Collins 'Butterflies and Moths)I've never seen one 'in the flesh'.

  2. Gorgeous butterfly.. better still, special little puppies.
    What are you going to do with them???


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