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given up looking for some of the old OMPHHH!

Sunday, 20 September 2009

The LOST summer!!

I'm sorry to be gone so long
" Thank you "to those who emailed to ask where l was
and enquire about the puppies.l had a emergency dash
back from Spain with my
oh so special son..leaving the builder there with his tools
and the puppies..and was ill ALL summer..
two big operations and a very bad bout
of swine flu in between ops ( don't be fooled by the press
it can be very bad)tamiflu and the worst sore throat and temperature
I've ever had!
12 weeks in bed on high dose morphine bad dreams hallucinations
not able to sleep...
BUT the bright side!
l lost LOADS of weight ,which unlike weight watchers, Rosemary Conley
slimming world and numerous cabbage diets DIDN'T COST A PENNY!!
l Spent most evenings watching LOST ..a series l hadn't got into,when my two
watched it first time around.Series 1-4 that's a a lot of DVD watching!
l cant wait until series 5 come out before Christmas!
but really got into it whist laying on my bed watching with my oh so
patient, caring son ..
Funny, l now know well Before l touch 70 ,which of my two
children is more likely to put a pillow over my head!!
the builder came home when the puppies where weaned
and was here for the major op..and has been his normal
supportive caring kind self..l'm so lucky .......
The upshot is l can now walk again!!l wont go into
the bad side pain etc...BUT to be able to walk to the toilet
get in the shower and last week SIT in the bath!well there is No
stopping me!!.

Thank you for keeping me entertained whilst reading all so many
of your blogs ..some wonderful work going on out there!
l will update on the puppies soon.......

Again as you can see lve mucked up the layout but hey

so pleased to be back here posting !so be patient eh?


  1. Hi and welcome back! You make light of it and I've enjoyed reading, but it sounds as though you've had an experience not to be repeated. Glad you're on the mend. Best wishes.

  2. Wahoo! Kept looking at your blog's name on my sidebar......... and wondering....... now I know. Hope you are well on the way to recovery. Cathy x

  3. welcome back!
    I am glad you feel better, and hope you'll be 100% well very soon!


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